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April 3, 2012
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RC: Dara by Chisuimi RC: Dara by Chisuimi
My OC for :iconrepubliccity:
She's finally doneee <33





nationality:Republic city

1st Choice: Fire | 2nd Choice: Water

Inherited from her mother, she’s fairly good at sparring. It benefits her because she doesn’t like cold weather and she’s prone to catching colds. So it warms her up.

She has good balance, agility and motor coordination. When she does her acrobatic works, she somewhat resembles a monkey.

Speed :
She’s can run really fast, her speed is her pride ever since she was a little girl. However, her stamina isn’t really as good, so she often easily gets tired.

Personality :

Playful | Independent | Impulsive | Brash | Cheerful | Protective

Being a firebender, Dara is both brash and impulsive. She acts based on instincts, and thinks about it later. She has a care-free personality and is almost always cheerful. She’s very independent, despite her childish behavior; this is because her mother is especially strict, and taught her how to do things on her own ever since she was a child, refusing to do trivial things for her. However, sometimes she can be a bit too playful and end up breaking/burning something.
Dara is very protective of her family and friends, as well as cute little creatures that cannot defend themselves. She is easily moved by tears or puppy dog faces, and can never turn down a request made by something so cute. Her mother complains that Dara and her father are both too soft hearted because they can never say no to anything with big teary eyes.

RP Sample :

Over the holidays, Dara went back to the Northern Water Tribe to visit her grandmother there. Though she loved the old lady more than anything, she can’t stand the harsh weather of the area. As they arrived in the freezing house, Dara was already equipped with 10 layers of clothing; but still, the fabric couldn’t protect her from the cold.
“Haa.. Haa… HACHIUUUUUUU”, over and over Dara kept sneezing. “Graaaanyyy, why can’t you just come live with us in republic city? It’s so cold out here, how can you live in this place.” Dara whined before getting a smack to the back of her head from her mother. Her granny chuckled as she added more wood to the fire. “Sorry Dara” as the old lady petted her grandaughter’s head, “Granny rather stay here, but thank you for visiting me.” She passed Dara a cup of hot cocoa before petting her grandaughter’s head once more.


Dara’s father was a waterbender from the Northern Water tribe and moved to Republic City; where as her mother was a firebender who was born and raised in Republic City. Her mother was a feisty, stern and calculative woman; where as her father was a soft-hearted man who was an easy target for con mans and bullies. Her mother came across a group of non-benders harassing the poor man, and decided to help him. One way or another, the two fell in love, got married and had Dara.
Dara was soft hearted to begin with, which caused her mother worry that one day she’d end up exactly like her father. Hence, her mother trained her to be independent and capable of defending herself. Her father often took her to the play outside to give her a break from her mother’s training. She developed her speed at a young age because she often required it to run away from her mother’s wrath. However, her acrobatics skills were taught to her by her father, who often uses his acrobatics skill to escape from harassers. Even though her father was a bender, he never bended in public unless he really needed too, due to the traumatic beating he received from the equalists.

Miscellaneous Information :
-- She loves furry, fluffy adorable creatures
-- Often likes to play ‘hero’ and is constantly looking for a cutie in need of protecting
-- Likes to play hide and seek
-- Easily catches colds
-- Likes Pro Bendings

Dara © Chisuimi
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